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Castle Quick Lists

Make quick and easy repeat purchases using Castle Quick Lists

A Castle Quick List is a convenient, quick and easy way to store (or list) details of all your regular and repeat product purchases. By adding items into your Quick List you can shorten the purchasing process to just a few clicks!

You can create a new Quick List and add and delete products as necessary and list as many products as you wish.

Products can be added to a Quick List where you see this ‘Add to Quick List’ button. This appears on all the product pages within the CCS Direct site.

Register to use Castle Quick Lists

In order to create a Quick List you must be a registered user. Follow this link to register.

Want to learn more about Quick Lists? Read on…

Creating a Quick List

In order to create the Quick List, you need to sign in to CCS Direct. Then you can either:

  • click on the Quick List button at the top of the product menu from anywhere on the site
  • go to My Account and click on the Quick Lists button as below:

Adding to a Quick List

Once you have created the base Quick List, you must then add your chosen products to it. In order to do this, you must return to the products area of the site via the product browse or search) where your chosen product is located (via the product browse or search).

Once you have found your chosen product, you can add a product to your Quick List by clicking on the “Add to Quick List” button, which will appear in the product pricing box on the product you are in:


When you click on this button, you will be able to assign your chosen product to one of the Quick Lists you have already created, from the drop down. Note: only Quick Lists for the account for whom you are currently signed in will show on the drop down list.

Viewing a Quick List

You can view the contents of your Quick List at any time in three places:

  • from the home page click on the Quick Lists box beneath the basket
  • click on the Quick Lists button on the bar to the right of the basket from anywhere on the site
  • go to My Account and click on the Quick Lists button as below:


Note that only Quick Lists for the address for which you are currently signed in will show on this list. Click on View to see a full list of products.

If you want to see all of the Quick Lists you have established for all of the addresses that you have created, you should choose to view Quick Lists from within My Account.

Amending a Quick List

You can amend an existing Quick List at any time by either adding or deleting products from the list: In order to add a product to a Quick List, select the product to you wish to add and click on the ‘add to list’ button.


In order to delete a product from Quick List, view the full list in (see Viewing a Quick List for further details) and click on – to remove any products from the list. Or if you are in the product page itself just click the Remove from Quick List button”